Evening Flight of the Sandhill Crane

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  by Jim


Early winter 2008 (in North Florida early winter reaches well into January) our home was located in the flight path of the yearly migration of the Sandhill Crane.  Once the cranes make their winter camp, they transverse between their feasting places and their night time nesting places.  During late December 2008, I had daily, predictable …

Tersa Sphinx Caterpillar

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While out in the yard (edge of the woods actually) I notice this large green worm making its way through the 8″ grass. Never saw one of these before so thinking if I got it to grab a small stick I might be able to get a better look at it. It did grab the …

Wings of Dreams Tour 2009

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Back in Feburary 2009 we visited a local airport that was showcasing The Collings Foundation fleet of WW2 combat aircraft.  Most of these are one of a kind but are fully operational flying aircaft.  Not only are tours available but to can ride in one of these aircraft, for a donation of course. I found …

24 Hours of Daytona

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Every year me and a friend take in the 24 Hours of Daytona.  We actually tent camp in the infield!  All the amenities of home <G>.  Each year we try to work from a different point of view, the events within the race and other activities going on before and during the race, and its …